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Below you will find a compilation of the best books I read. For every book I quickly summarise the content, write about what I like and dislike about this book, and why I recommend it.

I believe that all the books below are extremely valuable resources for you to read. So read through them and maybe start taking action to buy one of these now!
Because without educating yourself, It will be a really hard way to financial freedom, and you know that.

The 4-Hour Workweek
by Timothy Ferris

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris is an impressive book. The author talks about the four steps you need to take to have your own business and achieve ultimate freedom to travel the world. He teaches you how to build a business that passively makes you money without you doing anything, step by step. Afterwards he talks about how to liberate your time to be able to travel the world and take so called “Mini-Retirements”. Even if you have a a good job you don’t want to give up, he teaches you the exact way on how to work remotely on a contract basis. It’s a must read for people working for freedom.

I recommend this book because it show you how easy it actually is to achieve financial freedom. It’s really hands on and allows you to instantly start working on it.

Theory vs. Practice
Very Practical
Beginner vs. Pro
Rather for beginners
Broad vs. Deep Content
Going a little deeper into several topics
Dry vs. Fun
Pretty interesting read
The 4-Hour Workweek Book Cover
People will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.Timothy Ferriss
Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant Book Cover
Your house is not an asset, but a liability.Robert T. Kyiosaki

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant
by Robert T. Kyiosaki

This book is another great guide to financial freedom, that takes a slightly different approach than the one before. While in the 4-Hour Workweek it’s less about creating massive riches but more about liberating your time, this looks at the other way: Create financial freedom by being on the right side of the quadrant: As a business owner having other people working for you, or as an Investor having money work for you. First the author writes about the theory what society looks like and where you stand. Next he talks about the personal development that you need to undergo to become financially free and afterwards takes a little more practical approach to teach you how to become an investor.
I recommend this book because it pretty much turns around your view of the world, and wakes you up that you need to take action now.

Theory vs. Practice
Rather theoretical
Beginner vs. Pro
Broad vs. Deep Content
Going deep into the topic
Dry vs. Fun
Exciting read

Purple Cow
by Seth Godin

Let’s talk about marketing! Purple Cow from Seth Godin is a really smart book that’s not about financial freedom, but marketing and making your business stand out. And we all probably know that a successful business is required for financial freedom. In this book Godin talks about how traditional marketing is dead and how to innovate when building a product, to stand out and sell a lot. The whole book works around the concept of being “remarkable, like a purple cow”.
You need to be different to sell something these days, Seth Godin teaches you how to do it.
I really recommend this book because of all the case studies that are included, you really get the idea of what he’s trying to teach and how to use it.

Theory vs. Practice
Many practical examples
Beginner vs. Pro
Easy to understand
Broad vs. Deep Content
Pretty Broad
Dry vs. Fun
Very fun to read
The Purple Cow Book Cover
Being safe is now too riskySeth Godin
Third Circle Theory Book Cover
Ultimately, there is never a bad choice, only choice itself.Pejman Ghadimi

Third Circle Theory
by Pejman Ghadimi

This is a book that’s mainly focused on self development. It’s about the theory that in life you can be in 3 different circles which consist of a unique world, perspective and vision. Starting in the first circle you can graduate to the second and the third, but only 2% of the population even makes it into the second circle. This book is supposed to support you on your journey through the circles and wants you to hopefully end up in the last circle: where the innovators, the world changers and the greatest billionaires are. This is where you find your purpose and this book will help you get there.

Highly recommend this book: It’s different from other self help gurus because it only makes you aware of what you’re going through as you will really see elements of the circles in your own life. After this explanation it’s up to you if you are really able to graduate through the circles.

Theory vs. Practice
Beginner vs. Pro
Broad vs. Deep Content
Dry vs. Fun
Littly dry

How to Get Rich
by Felix Dennis

One more book about getting rich, pretty obvious with that title. Felix Dennis is a super rich magazine publisher, writing this book from his private, tropical island. He knows how to get rich and shares everything he knows. The author starts the book off with reasons not to get rich, he honestly talks about the downsides of getting rich and why you may not want to be it. In the second part he talks about how to get started with getting rich. This advice is really practical and always backed up by his own experiences. Part three is about becoming really rich, writing about practical advice and strategies as well as self-development that’s necessary. Afterwards he still talks about the Endgame.

This book is written in a really intelligent, unique style. Combining a non-bullshit, pure honesty approach combined with self development and even literature. I’ve never read a book like this, and therefore I’ve also learned a a LOT. That’s why I recommend it.

Theory vs. Practice
Very practical
Beginner vs. Pro
Understandable for everyone
Broad vs. Deep Content
Dry vs. Fun
Entertaining Read
How to Get Rich Book Cover
Ideas don’t make you rich. The correct execution of ideas does.Felix Dennis

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