Starting a Blog, Getting Nothing Done, Travelling to Asia – Join my Journey #1

Starting a Blog, Getting Nothing Done, Travelling to Asia - Join my Journey #1

January is over. Now it’s time to take a look at what happened since I decided to take action for financial freedom:

I’m really struggling.

In this post, I want to share my experiences of what happened until now. I want to help you skip this unproductive phase and enable you to start action right away so make sure to read through this article and memorise all the actionable advice I give: Just imagine that you could just start making money right away, skipping these problems in the beginning.

(I decided to start my own business to earn a passive income and achieve financial freedom. Although I’m still 18 years old and pretty average, I’m sure that I can do it as well as you. If you don’t know what this journey is about, read Join my Journey #0 where I talk about my vision, and the movement I want to create.)

This is what I will talk about today:

  1. My Instagram Page hit 10k, but it doesn’t work: Learn why, and how to fix it.
  2. I started a Blog, but where are the readers? Learn where I now aim to get them from.
  3. I worked a lot, but didn’t get a lot done. How to get stuff done.
  4. I’m maybe going to travel to Asia!.
  5. I wasted $600 on ads and didn’t earn a single dollar. How to do it right.

But before getting all this insider info, stop for a second and join my journey to freedom. I know we can do it together, let’s achieve financial freedom as a movement:

If you join my journey I will provide you with ALL my experiences as I’m working on achieving freedom. I will not only show you beautiful results but rather all the mistakes I make and the problems I encounter. You will not have to struggle the way I will.

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Why my Instagram page doesn’t work, although it reached 10k.

My Instagram Profile on the 1. February

My Instagram Profile on the 1. February

In the last Join my Journey post I talked about how I started to grow an Instagram account because I had fun helping and motivating people. Although that’s still the case today, I also want to use my Instagram for my business. This social network has an enormous marketing potential as you can read almost everywhere, so I started focusing on growth at some point. I developed a growth strategy that helped me to consistently grow my account to 10.000 followers, which I hit yesterday. I’m a little proud I have to admit.

Celebration Gif

This is pretty much me, celebrating 10k.

This is what I did on my Instagram until now:

  • More than 353 Images posted
  • Over 10000 followers
  • More than 500 Likes per Image

Theoretically, this is pretty awesome and want to say a huge thank you to all my followers that read my blog posts, like and comment my pictures. You’re awesome!

Well, now let’s get back to business… I wanted to use Instagram as a source of readers to my blog. I expected that once my account was at a certain size, people would naturally start visiting my blog posts through the link in my bio.

It was pretty disappointing to see that even though my account doubled and tripled in size, the clicks to my website pretty much stayed the same. Every day I only got around 5-10 people visiting my website through Instagram.

That’s NOTHING. And I need to change something about it.

How to fix the low amount of clicks

Well, first of all, I sat down and thought about it: “Why do the clicks not increase although my following does?”.

This should be the logical consequence, right?


We were so wrong, and this is why:

One thing I always noticed, was that on the day I’ve published a new blog post and updated the link in my bio, a number of clicks I received were clearly higher than the average but bounced back to 5-10 clicks after a couple of days. This is where I realised how dumb I was: Theoretically, I did expect that my following would click that link, like, every day. Again and again. But once my established following checked out the link once, why should they do again. The average 5-10 clicks I got every day were some of the new followers I gained.

This was still not enough. There must be some way to get even more clicks out of the new followers I get every day. And there is: I need a better offer. The “only” thing I’m offering my new followers is a blog post. They can also find blog posts when googling what they want to read about. I need to offer them some value: something that they can not find everywhere. Thus, I’m soon gonna create a really big, free e-book about the various ways that you can earn money online.

That’s what it’s probably gonna look like:

101 Ways to make money Online

101 Ways to make money Online

Want to make sure that you won’t miss the ebook? Click here to join my journey, and I will make sure to get you a copy of it. 🙂

Actionable takeaways

  1. I should create more blog posts to not promote the same stuff to my followers all the time.
  2. I am rotating the links I have in my Instagram bio. So now the new followers get to see the older blog posts after time. Increasing the clicks I receive per day.
  3. I will create an irresistible free offer to link to in my bio, to get more clicks from new or non-followers.

Why almost nobody reads my blog, and where to get readers.

As you can see I also launched a blog as the first part of my online business. In this blog, I want to give you the opportunity to follow along with me on my journey while I try to achieve financial freedom by projects that are independent from my blog. Also, I want to publish articles about further in-depth knowledge in certain topics where I think it would help you on your way to financial freedom to learn a little more.

The blog already existed before but it had an awful design, no content and even fewer readers than I have now. I really started seriously on this blog with the first article of the “Join my journey” series in mid-December. Thinking that I’m mainly going to drive traffic trough Instagram and other social networks, I expected my page to spread there and to organically increase reader. Well, I’m getting a little traction, but not much.

General Google Analytics Screenshot

360 sessions in 1.5 months. Not bad but not good.

Since I really launched my blog on the 13. of December I had 360 sessions from 304 users on my website. These users had a total of 458 page views, and on average stayed 4:08 minutes per session. These stats are really not that bad. The average time per session is pretty good and also the bounce rate (people leaving the site without doing anything) is not bad with 29,44%.

I’ve got three problems with this:

  • The numbers are not that low, but it’s really not a lot. It’s less than 10 sessions per day.
  • I want to create a movement, a community of freedom achievers. But I’ve got too less people signing up for my email list to join my journey.

Not enough sessions

Although the numbers do not really sound bad, they are. 360 sessions in 1.5 months is not a lot. That’s less than 10 sessions per day.

Acquisition Analytics

Most traffic from social media. Only a couple of random visitors from google.

As expected the biggest part of visitors come from social media: 70,6% (253 sessions).
Rather surprising is the fact that 93 sessions (25,8%) started by people typing my website URL directly into their browser. Even more surprising is the fact that 53 new users came on this direct way. So there must be some talking going on about my blog, that’s great.

Nevertheless, it’s not enough. I must find a way to get more new users and convert them into regular readers… And I also figured out how to do this.

The solution?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For those of you that do not know what SEO is: It’s some combination of an art and a science making your websites rank higher in Google and get visitors searching for certain queries to your website. I can not go into detail about how SEO works in here, this would just be too much for this post.

If you want to get a quick explanation of what SEO is you can check out this short blog post. For a more in depth guide check out this one.

I will write about my SEO strategy in detail in a blog post in the near future. This is a short summary:

I will begin by focusing on longer keywords with rather less competition to get some more people to my blog, link to my content and make my website stronger in Google. When I’ve established a couple of links through long keywords I will start trying to rank for bigger, more difficult keywords.

Not enough email sign-ups

So as you probably already read in the first part of this series, I want to create a movement. I already created a Facebook group that is supposed to be a knowledge hub for mutual help, advice and support. This is because I know that we, as a group can achieve financial freedom if we collaborate. Moreover I want to be able to send you a quick mail once I publish a new blog post: On the one hand, because I want you to keep reading my blog (I’m 100% honest as I promised), but on the other hand to really help you achieve financial freedom. And you have the highest probability of succeeding when learning from all the stuff I do wrong.

(Make sure to get your access now by clicking right here.)

Help me to get some more people to join our journey. Spread the word:

Also, until now I have 28 people signed up to my email list. That’s not even bad and I would be pretty happy with that number.

But guys…


Why gif

I just don’t get it…

I don’t get it, from the 28 signing in, only 13 confirmed their email address. Why do people sign in and don’t confirm their email address?
I don’t know if this is an average rate (less than 50%) of people signing up to confirm their email address because I do not have a lot of experience with that. Does anybody here know more about that? Leave a comment and please tell me more about it.

But actually I’m not really getting a lot of traffic, so what do I expect? It’s like a 5% conversion rate from all sessions, that’s not even bad. So the only way to fix this is to get more users, let’s see if it works!

Actionable takeaway

If you are writing a blog and do not yet have a huge social media following or some other kind of audience, you need to learn SEO. It’s the cheapest way to get really a lot of traffic. People will never come to your blog automatically, but they search for stuff on google. If you are in the top 3 search results there will be a lot of traffic for you to convert to regular readers.

Why I worked many hours and got nothing done. Don’t make the same mistake.

I already wrote about my morning routine and how it boosts my productivity in a an earlier blog post. It’s the truth that it really increases my productivity, nevertheless, I really didn’t get a whole lot done. I don’t even want to know what I would have achieved without that morning routine.

Unporductivity Gif

In the 6 weeks, I’m doing this now, I’ve set up and optimised my blog, I published four posts, and one page about my book recommendations. Every monday I created 14 Instagram images and every day published two of them. I created a Facebook page and the private group for our movement. I also posted on Facebook a couple of times. What else did I do? I created a content upgrade for my blog post about my Instagram strategy, and the post about my sales funnel. And I created an email sequence to send to new subscribers that joined my journey.

That’s nothing for 6 weeks of every day over 6 hours work (although I had no internet at home for one week). I should be able to do that in like 2 weeks of work.

The thing that’s annoying me the most is that I don’t even really know where all this time went. What did I do with all that time?

What was my mistake?

I was spending a lot of time on things that were about my blog, my business, my Instagram and stuff like that but did not actually bring any results. I did too less, and it took me too much time. For instance, I checked out Google Analytics at least 5-10 times a day and checked how many visitors I already had on my website this day. I checked my Instagram images for how many likes they have. Do you get what I mean? I did so much stuff that I could change nothing about just out of pure interest, to see how I’m doing, instead of just working on what would actually change something.

Having clear goals to get something done

For a long time, I didn’t even realise that I got nothing done. But then I realised: “Sh*t, it’s already February and I’ve not achieved anything. I’ve not even really started doing business outside this blog.” So I thought about why, and as I already said I realised that I was doing work too slow and getting distracted too much (even though the things I get distracted to have to do with my business). The things that I missed were clear deadlines. So I found a way to be productive again:

Setting monthly, weekly and daily goals and targets.

Setting Goals 4-Step Process

Boost your productivity using this 4-Step process

I’m honest, I never really believed that it’s soo necessary to have goals as people always say. Well, I should have listened to them because actually, it’s the truth. I thought having goals doesn’t make a big difference but if you have clear goals and the actions you need to do outlined, you will get so much more work done. Think about what you want to achieve until the end of the month (you should actually start with the end of the year or the next 6 months like I did in JMJ #0).

After having your goals for the end of the month think about all the things you still need to do before you’re able to reach your goal. Now write them down and give them priorities, an order. After all of the items have a priority, set realistic, but though deadlines in your calendar to get them all done by the end of the month. It’s a widely known phenomena that if you have a close deadline for something, you will work really a lot faster and more determined than if you have a deadline that gives you too much time, so always make it hard for you, but realistic.

When having your deadlines set, review your calendar every morning and look at what you should do today. Here the same principle as above should be applied: Give yourself a lot of work, but not so much that it’s unrealistic.

Actionable takeaways

  • Stop checking things that have to do with your business but you can’t change too often. That’s mostly some kind of analytics. Check them once a week, or maybe once every evening after you’re done with work but not more.
  • Have clear monthly, weekly and daily goals and to-do items. Give yourself, though, but not unrealistic deadlines. I always did the Instagram images for the whole week on Monday and nothing else. After some time I realised that I was really slow creating the images on Monday, so I just decided to create the images for the whole month on Monday. There you go, I created all 60 Images on one day and got THREE full Mondays more to work on other stuff now.

I’m maybe travelling to Asia!

Kuala Lumpur Skyline

Skyline of Kuala Lumpur. This is where I’m probably gonna travel to.

Now I want to share something that’s not as negative as all the rest. It does not really have a lot to do with my business until now but it will influence future developments, for sure. So as the title already says I’m maybe going to travel to Asia for some time. The father of an old school friend has a pretty successful consulting and planning business for companies building pipelines. He has a good working connection in Thailand at MAN Diesel & Turbo that can maybe find a paid internship for me to work there.

I’ve always dreamed about travelling the world, especially to Asia where people are still human compared to our western society, so this is an opportunity I do not want to miss. It would be like 2 months of work at the company while continuing to build my business in the evening after returning from work. This way I can even better understand what it’s like to work a 9-5 and build a business on the side. And for sure I will have awesome experiences there to share with you.

I still have to write a motivational letter but I think the chances are pretty good. You can be sure to read about it in my next JMJ (=Join my Journey) post.

How I wasted over $600 on Ads and how to do it differently.

There’s one more thing I started doing since I published the last post: I dived into Network Marketing. And when I say diving into it, I mean it. I dived into it, head first, and hit the ground.

Plunge on ice

Diving in, head first.

I joined a company that has a pretty successful track record, has already created many 6-figure earners and is especially made for people without much marketing knowledge: Single mums, people wanting to quit their 9-5, people that want ultimate freedom of time and the freedom to travel.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Sounds like it’s a great fit for me.

Well, it is but it isn’t. What do I mean by that? The program is awesome. It taught me everything I currently know about marketing. It teaches you everything from establishing a brand to all the legal stuff. It’s really a done for you solution.

But I forgot about one thing…

You need to put in some work and apply what you learned. This is what I totally ignored when starting to spend money on ads. As you probably know people buy from people and I didn’t even try to build a personal connection to those leads I got when buying ads. I spent over $600 dollars on Solo Ads (=Somebody advertises your page on their email list, this way you get really good conversion rates). What I did was to buy a lot of clicks to the page that the network marketing company provides and let them do all the email follow up. That was so naive. It’s a big network marketing company and a lot of people do that.

Network Marketing Results

Pretty depressing…

Although I got like 180 Email-Addresses from the advertising, in the end, nobody even signed up for a $1 trial. That’s really depressing.

There’s still a couple of things I want to try with this network marketing company before I write about it in more detail. I will probably do that in the next JMJ post. All I say about this now is that it’s a GREAT network marketing company, that still requires you to put in some work.

Want to know what this network marketing company is and maybe also start earning when I do? Consider joining my journey today:

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