I believe, everybody can achieve freedom – Join my Journey #0

I believe, everybody can achieve freedom - Join my Journey #0

Hi, my name is Chris and I believe, everybody can achieve freedom. Almost every person on this world wants to be free. Whether it’s financial freedom, the freedom to travel the world or the freedom of time to spend it with your family and your loved one’s, I will try to help you achieving it.

Fake Lifestyles and Fake Results from Fake People selling you Fake products

Achieve Freedom, "Freedom" search queries

“Freedom” search queries on Google

Roughly 1.5 million people search for the term “Freedom” on google, each month. This shows that there are really a lot of people going after it. The problem is, there are too many people selling you programs that will almost magically make you tons of money only to make a quick buck. People are promising you that this new awesome program will give you all freedom in the world only to earn money from you. Most of these people have not even achieved freedom themselves and nevertheless, are advertising it to you.

There are people standing next to cars they don’t own showing you how “rich” they are. There are guys having a so called “lifestyle business”: They pretend to live a luxury lifestyle producing fake content or even buying images from really wealthy people only to make you trust them and buy from them. If they show you fake results, fake images and fake videos you will most likely at some point trust them. This is where they start promoting someone else’s products to you only to receive a commission. You should not be fooled in that way.

Achieve Freedom, Fake Image

These are the types of Images those people post. Usually with a caption like “Learn how I make 6 figures a month while sipping cocktails at the beach” (This image is from a free image provider, they don’t even have pictures like that)

If you join my journey I will provide you with ALL my experiences as I’m working on achieving freedom. I will not only show you beautiful results but rather all the mistakes I make and the problems I encounter. You will not have to struggle the way I will.

Join me now!

Who is that “Chris”?

I will tell you a quick story about my life until now: My name is Christoph Gerl, I’m 18 years old from Bavaria, Germany. I’m a normal guy like you probably. I grew up in an average middle class family with my mother and father until they divorced when I was 16 (so average…). I also have an older brother who’s 22 already employed in the corporate world.

Me at Graduation

Me at graduation day 2016. Sweaty and nervous, pretty average, huh?

More often than not struggling financially I developed a vision that I will achieve freedom when I am older. It started with the focus on financial freedom but later evolved to freedom as a general (travelling, time freedom…). I have since developed a strong motivation to become successful in later life, maybe also like you did. The last year or two I taught myself to program and participated in the german national computer science competition.

Chris having a presentation

Me, having a presentation along with some more geeks at a university two years ago (January 2014) .

At the same time I became more and more involved into this “Millionaire, Online-Marketing, Motivation” Industry. Taking a lot of their advices, I developed myself reading self-development and marketing books, articles and a lot more. I also learned a lot about sales funnels (you can read about how to create a high converting sales funnel in this article). I’ve been a lazy student early on, becoming more and more disciplined to graduate from school with rather good grades. (Not like all these gurus that make millions although they never finished school, most of them are talking bullshit.) Currently I’m also working as a waiter to earn around $450 a month (I’m 18 I need some money).

When I was 16 I lost around $1000 in a Pyramid-Scheme, Make-Money-Online scam called “TrafficMonsoon”. It promised to multiply the money I invested without me doing anything. I was so dumb and I was also a victim to those fake authorities.

So why should you even listen to me?

Well, I admit I’m not a big player in the online-marketing, making money online area yet. I do not even have any practical experience in this industry. I mean, I’m 18 years old what do you expect. So, if you’re looking for somebody who has it all figured out yet, you’re wrong here. Go listen to some people lying to you that they know everything and give them some of your hard earned money you will never see again.

I realised, I need to take action to achieve my dreams. Not small actions but rather huge, determined actions to realise my dream of freedom. After finishing school I did not go to college or university, I just recently started my own business. You will learn more about what I do in the following weeks.

I saw that the biggest part of the people “helping” you to achieve freedom are selling you some bullshit. You just need to jump in the cold water try it. And I want to share this journey of freedom with all of you, for free of course. I believe, that everybody can achieve freedom. Even an average 18 years old guy like me. And if I can do it, you can too.

Going from $0 monthly income to a full time monthly income of 2000$ in the next six months.

This will be the first goal I will be working on for now. I will work hard to achieve it and I will not give up.

I’m 100% sure that I will fail often. I’m 1000% sure that this will be really hard. But I will keep going until I reach my goal. And that’s where your real benefit of joining my journey lies: I will share all those nitty-gritty details with you. I will share my numbers as well as my personal development on this journey. You will hear about all the problems I encounter, the mistakes I make and also about the things that really work. I will figure out the hard way, so you don’t have to.

Why should you join my journey?

I want to create a movement of people achieving freedom. Just imagine how you would benefit from joining this movement:

  • Don’t do all these embarrassing mistakes. What if you could see all the things I do wrong and do it better.
  • See exactly what it’s going to be like. Imagine you could see the numbers and all those practical details.
  • Become motivated and keep me motivated. By joining a movement of people looking to achieve freedom, there will always be people motivating you, and me, to go on.
  • Share your experiences, help others. What if you could join my private Facebook groups where all the conversation is going on.
  • It’s free. What do you have to loose? Imagine joining a movement that is really not a scam, I’m so done with scams. I promise.

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