February & March Update – Join my Journey #2

Join my Journey #2 - February & March Update

I’m really disappointed by myself because of the past months. In February, my website traffic got even less, I got even fewer things done than before and I didn’t really earn some money.

You’re asking why? Because breakups are fucking cruel and I am not able to just get up and do the work anyway. All this motivational content I consumed didn’t seem to help me, I just couldn’t get up anymore. I stopped doing my morning routine because I couldn’t motivate myself to get out of the bed in the morning.

I think everybody of you who has already gone through a really hard breakup knows what I’m talking about. And now, I know that many of these motivational gurus are just not that real. I’m 100% sure that nobody of them (except Tony Robbins probably) can always just get up and do the work. It’s human to have periods of time where nothing seems to work out. And that’s okay! What’s most important is to recover from these periods of time as fast as you can and continue to put in the work.

Since roughly in the middle of march, I’m pretty much recovered and I can continue to put in the work to make my dream, the dream of financial freedom true. I just still have a little problem with waking up early, but that’s not too severe: I’m working longer to compensate the missing hours, and it’s working pretty good.

In March, my business is up and running again:

  • I have completed my sales funnel for my network marketing program that should soon start to make it possible for me to earn a nice income online
  • I’m starting to learn Facebook ads, although I’m still struggling a little bit.
  • I already had two clients to design a website for in March = roughly $800 income

(You want to learn how I started earning money by web programming and how you can do the same? I’ve just published an ebook titled “66 Ways to Make Money Online”. On 70 pages, it explains 66 different ways to get started with making money online. It also includes a big chapter about earning an income as a web design freelancer. Make sure to grab it as a FREE download here.)

April update:

It’s the 22. of April and I can 100% work again. I managed to get up early every day and to really start hustling.

Now as we are already in the middle of April, I need to publish this post that I already started writing a month ago. I’m sorry you didn’t hear a lot about me in the last months. At the beginning I stopped writing because of the breakup, now it’s because I had an operation on my shoulder and I can only use one arm, making it REALLY hard to write longer texts.

Me shortly after my operation.

Me, a couple of hours after my operation. I need to wear that thing around my arm for 6 weeks…

I’m sorry for that but I will start putting out more blog posts, Instagram Images, Videos, Audio Content and even more in the next time.

I just wanted to give a quick update that I’m still alive and I’m working. I’m now focusing on earning money as a web design freelancer. Additionally I’m offering monthly plans for website care and hosting to scale the business up and eventually build an agency. I decided to go away from affiliate marketing and stuff like this for the coming period of time, and build a real business that I can heavily scale up. Its all about the leverage!

And you will be able to join me as I build my agency from zero!

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